There is a place where you can belong.

We don't have "volunteers" at The Table. We are all on a team here. Volunteers come and go, but team members know that their part in the ministry matters, a lot.

Each team has a rotating schedule of 6-weeks. This allows each team member to commit for 6-weeks on one team without losing the opportunity to serve in others areas. Once your 6-weeks is up, you can remain on the same team, or move over to another team.

Our heart is that we have 100% of people on a team. So, let's do this! 


Kids team

Kids ministry must be the safest place on campus. In order for us to maintain safety, we require all kids team members to undergo a background check. Having a past does not disqualify you from serving, but we may focus your desire to serve somewhere outside of kids ministry. Thank you for understanding.


greeter & offering team

Every single greeter makes The Table the church where “everyone has a seat”. This team creates a culture that makes every person feel at home.

Places to serve: Lobby, Hallways, Auditorium, Parking Lot, and Offering Team


worship team

Brittany Baker is our worship leader. She conducts try outs for music and vocals every other month. To sign up for an audition, please fill out the serve team form and select worship department. She will be in contact within 48 hours to schedule your audition. 


Media team

Our media helps create the weekend experience for every attender. This is one of the most vital teams to be a part. The areas in which to serve are: Camera, Multi-Media Slides, Sound, & Lighting.

To speak with our team lead, Dustin Shipley, please contact him below.