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matt & amber wade | LEad pastors

Matt & Amber are the founding pastors of The Table. With 20 years of ministry experience, Matt has pastored and helped churches & ministries see continued growth and success. He holds a B.A. from Lee University with a concentration in Koine Greek Studies. He is the author of Leader Lies. He and Amber co-authored two books, Cover Me, & Understanding God’s Plan.

Matt and Amber live in Dickson, TN with their two children, Carson and Nellie.


Mark & Amanda Weaver | Executive pastors

Mark Weaver beings with him 10+ years ministry experience in students, connections, and business leader in the marketplace. Amanda is a gifted creative and musician with big vision for the local church. They have been married for 8 years. They have two girls, and 1 dog.

Mark & Amanda are deeply passionate about seeing the local church realize and reach its potential to making an impact in its community.


Brittany baker | Worship leader

Brittany has a rich history in leading people in worship. Her greatest mentor is her late mother, who was a dynamic worship leader in FL. Brittany is not only a great leader, but her voice is as unique as her personality. 


Blake & Catherine rush | Kids directors

Blake and Catherine have a deep desire to create a safe, love-filled environment for your kids. It's always a win when a husband and wife team is loving on families.



Clint & Michelle fountain | groups directors

Clint and Michelle came to The Table church because of our core belief that “everyone has a seat.” They deeply believe in creating a place fo everyone to grow into a thriving relationship with Jesus.

Our groups will officially launch in May. They are doing much preparation to provide you with a great groups experience.

If you have any questions about groups, they will be glad to point you in the right direction.

The Table Church is governed externally and internally by a group of Elders and a Board of Directors. Our Elders are qualified leaders, pastors, and business people who give oversight for the  spiritual health of the local church, as well as provide guidance & correction to the pastors, when/if needed. The Board of Directors are faithful, involved members of The Table and oversee the legal and financial aspects of the ministry.