How do we accomplish this? Equal Sacrifice

As a new church, we face challenges that long-time, established churches most likely do not face. Those challenges show up in a variety of ways; such as: Limited volunteer base, building a new community, making new friends, and trusting new leaders.

Another? Finance.

We are blessed to already be in a place where we do not have to pressure people to give. We have many generous people who call The Table their home.

But just like most churches, 20% of the people finance 80% of the ministry.

We would love to flip that stat. And we will work hard to help educate everyone on a life of generosity.

Until that stat is flipped, we employ capital campaigns to help move into a new level of ministry, creativity, and visibility.

We are a transparent church that wants everyone to know where your contributions are going each day, week, month, & year.

We will always remain financially accountable and transparent with those who call The Table home.

Here is the breakdown of our yearly operating costs that Pastor Matt shared with The Table on Sunday, June 9th.

$756 Yearly Insurance for Equipment & Other 

$7,200 Yearly Pay for Worship Leader 

$1,200 Yearly Office Space Rental  

$2,618 Yearly Website & Mobile & TV Apps 

$360 Yearly Email Service & Microsoft Office for Staff 

$381.35 Yearly User Licenses for Media Usage and Streaming 

$48.00 Yearly Domain Name Cost 

$720 Yearly Internet Service 

$2880 Security Yearly  

$1000 Yearly Kids Ministry Curriculum 

$2,923.32 Owed for Music Gear 


We now want to build the table larger. We can only do that if we all chose equal sacrifice.

Here is a breakdown of what we need to move to the next level of ministry for you and your family.

$600 New Computer for Kids Ministry  

$2500  Kids Supply 

$2600 Pipe & Drape + Storage for Kids Area  

$5,000 Updated Stage Design, Lights, and Music Gear 

$1500 Giving Kiosk for Lobby 

$5,280 Yearly Rent to BOE 

$800 New Lighting Software 

$16,780 - Our Goal by August 1st, 2019